Write with Confidence,
Read with Ease
using WordPal

Write better, faster, and with more confidence using WordPal. Our AI-powered assistant makes it easy to rephrase existing text, generate replies, fix grammar, and/or write a new content. Read with ease, and quickly summarize large texts.


Rephrase existing text

Instantly rewrite existing text to a different style. Choose from a variety of tones and vocabulary levels.

Generate a reply

Paste a text and briefly describe your reply context. Let WordPal craft relevant response for you in various styles.

Fix grammar

Fix grammar errors, misspells and typos in your text and make it more readable and polished in no time.

Write a new content

Briefly describe what text content you want and let WordPal generate it for you.

Summarize large text

Summarize large textual contents and quickly get to the main points.

WordPal for Chrome

Use WordPal in
every page you visit

WordPal is also available as a browser extension that will bring WordPal's features to every page you visit. Install WordPal for Chrome, select any text on the page and WordPal appears in the bottom right corner as popup. Use WordPal on any website you visit without ever leaving it.



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What is WordPal?

WordPal is an AI-powered writing/reading assistant that helps users rephrase existing text, instantly generate replies or completely new content, fix grammar errors and/or summarize large textual contents.